Free Micro Certifications for budding Product Managers

Free Micro Certifications for budding Product Managers

Great Learning!

Product management plays a critical role in today's tech-driven world, and aspiring product managers have access to a treasure trove of free online courses to get started. Product Managers are the architects behind the products and services we use daily, translating ideas into reality and ensuring they meet customer needs along with other professionals within cross-functional teams.

In this blog, we'll explore some of the best free resources to help you embark on your product management journey. For direct access to these courses, follow this link which is offered by the well-known #ProductSchool. Product School has partnered with Productboard to create the below micro-certifications and throughout the certification, you will learn the importance of multiple aspects that will put you in the driver’s seat as a Product Manager. Upon completion, you’ll have both a practical and theoretical understanding and will receive the Micro-Certification.

Product Management Fundamentals: To build a solid understanding of product management, you need to start with the fundamentals. Courses like "Product Management 101" by the Product Management Institute offer an excellent introduction. You'll learn about the key principles, strategies, and methodologies that form the basis of successful product management.

Below are a few courses that could refresh your learnings or provide you with guidance on specific areas:

  1. Product Roadmapping Micro-Certification (PRC)™️

    Effective Roadmapping not only acts as the North Star for your product teams but also allows you as a Product Manager to communicate the product vision and strategy to your stakeholders and customers. Building and maintaining effective Roadmaps allows you as a product manager to keep everyone aligned on the product’s direction, timeline and goals.

  2. Product Strategy Micro-Certification (PSC)™️

    Product Strategy is the compass that guides a company's efforts to create and deliver products that resonate with customers and drive business growth. It's the roadmap that helps businesses navigate the ever-changing landscape of market demands, technological advancements, and competitive pressures. At its core, a well-defined product strategy answers the fundamental questions: What should we build, and why?

  3. Product-Led Growth Micro-Certification (PLGC)™️

    Product-Led Growth (PLG) has changed the game for Product Managers and the companies that hire them. The Product role is increasingly tied to growth metrics, meaning that PMs now have the opportunity to weigh in on strategic decisions that could impact your entire organization.

  4. Product Analytics Micro-Certification (PAC)™

    Every decision Product Managers make begins and ends with data. Without data, you’re just grasping in the dark. To harness the power of data, PM need more than just raw information and need to understand how to analyze the data to extract meaningful insights.

So why waiting? Go ahead and learn these skills to make your understanding much stronger for greater products and show your managers about your progress on the way and your value within the team & company.


I hope this supports every aspiring Product Manager in your ongoing journey of developing your skills. I will try to share valuable insights and my experience down the line in the upcoming days.

Thank you and Happy Reading! ❤👍